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If you can not find the right product for your device, we will be with you to provide a suitable solution.
Keep the good performance of your devices in the best condition by using these products.
With high cleaning speed, they will not cause any damage to your equipment and the taste of coffee will always be pleasant.
We are talking about products that, while being Iranian, can compete with foreign quality products on the market. Detergents at reasonable prices

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Milk Frother and Steam Wand Cleaner

Take a look at the nozzles and pitchers.

Milk stains and water deposits on the accessories of separate espresso machines are annoying, especially when your cafe is first class.
Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets

Keeping the coffee grinder healthy is important

Imagine that you have prepared ٍEureka coffee grinders for your cafe and you have not cleaned the blades for months. We have specialized products for cleaning your coffee grinder.
Coffee shop espresso machine

Our offer for your cafe and restaurant

Leave the maintenance of café and restaurant equipment and devices to SPM products so that you will not incur heavy repair and breakdown costs.

Do not be fooled by big brands
Even with cheap payment, you can get high quality products.
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Get acquainted with some of our products

Industrial espresso machine cleaners

Espressa The ultimate cleanser and cleaner for oil and coffee residues in automatic and fully automatic espresso machines
Formulated for fast dissolution of oils and coffee grounds without leaving any substance in the parts or technical lines of the machine.

پودر بک فلاش
قرص آسیاب

Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets

Grinda prevents the accumulation of coffee grounds and the smell of coffee in the coffee grinder. Reduces clogging between pores and internal chambers of the grinder, cleans grinder cutters and coatings to improve mill performance and extend machine life. A proprietary, gluten-free, 100% natural formula based on non-stick or chemical granules.


Steam Wand and pitcher Cleaner

Liquido is an acidic powder designed to clean and descale valve lines, foamers and automatic machine parts.
Ultra-high-performance descaler with anti-corrosion formulation for all espresso makers and cafe equipment

مایع شستشوی نازل بخار
از بین برنده رسوبات بویلر و کتری
کلسی نو

Removes boiler and kettle deposits

Calcino is perfect for home or small office machines.

Organic descaler is a safe and effective solution to remove hard water sediment from the thermoblock lines of espresso machines, capsule machines and boilers.
This product can be used to descale the kettle, and all kinds of boilers.


Coffee and tea stain remover powder

Stain powder on cup clean and formulated to meet the special needs of coffee or tea systems, without any bad effect on the dishes, you can remove annoying stains on cups, teapots, mugs, etc. and put the dishes to Return the era you eagerly bought.

cupclean home
descaler home

Ice maker descaler and dishwasher

Phosphate-free disc fluid and genetically modified organisms.
Quickly and easily removes lime and calcium deposits from water tanks of espresso machines, boilers, coffee makers and especially dishwashers and ice makers, and is also suitable for steel, aluminum and even glass surfaces.


Hopper coffee grinder cleaning spray

Hoopy spray is designed and formulated to remove the opacity and turbidity of coffee grinder hoppers. In addition to creating transparency in the hoops of coffee grinders, this spray removes excess odors and residues from ground materials. Completely Iranian and quality products

hoopy home

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